Toyota and Renovo Lose DMV License

The latest updates from the California DMV show that “only” 43 companies currently have an active license to test autonomous cars on public roads in California. This is down from a high of 76 companies just 2-3 years ago. Reasons include mergers, discontinuation of the program for some manufacturers, revocation of the license by the DMV, or testing in other regions of the world.

The last two companies that either did not renew or lost their license are Toyota Research Institute and Renovo,auto. In October 2022 Mando already lost its license, in September 2022, CYNGN, Conti and VW, and in August 2022 BMW. There are also companies that the DMV lists even though they have closed down, such as Argo.AI.


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Toyota hasn’t given up on autonomous driving development, though. A few months ago, the company acquired Lyft’s Level 5 unit and merged it into Woven Planet.

At the end of November, license holders must again submit their disengagement report, which is traditionally published by the DMV at the beginning of February.

This article was also published in German.

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