Vinfast Presents EV Models

Vietnam’s automaker Vinfast was again present at CES, allowing a closer look at its electric car lineup. The cars presented were the VF6, VF8 and VF9. They are part of the first 999 vehicles that have been delivered to the US from Vietnam. The numbers 8 and 9 bring good luck in Asian countries and therefore the number 999 is particularly meaningful.

The vehicles pictured are intended as city vehicles – the first litter of electric cars from Vietnam, after all – and have a range of 197 miles (just under 315 kilometers) and are currently only leased, at $599 US per month. Work is underway on a battery pack with more range. With this offering for these first vehicles, Vinfast wants to gain experience to get adaptations to the models for the U.S. market.

Last October, Vinfast also announced the opening of its first stores in Germany, France and the Netherlands. In Germany, the first Vinfast store opened in Cologne in November, with other stores to follow in Paris, Nice, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Amsterdam.

At the CES I was able to test the VF8 and it is a pretty solid car with a lot of digital technology. Here now to the pictures of the cars.

Vinfast VF6

Vinfasr VF8

Vinfasr VF9

This article was also published in German.

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