DeLorean Opens Reservations for Electric Alpha5

The future is getting closer, and nothing points to that more than the opening of reservations for the new, battery-electric DeLorean Alpha5, scheduled for launch in 2024. A year and a half ago, DeLorean announced plans to revive its iconic vehicle and bring it to market as an electric car. And now the time has come: for a reservation or membership fee of $88, interested parties can reserve the Alpha5.

The technical data of the DeLorean Alpha are in any case as follows;

  • From 0 to 88 miles per hour (0 to 141 km/h): 4.35 seconds
  • From 0 to 60 miles per hour (0 to 96 km/h): 2.99 seconds
  • Top speed: 155 miles per hour (248 km/h):
  • Range: 300+ miles (480+ kilometers).

This article was also published in German.

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