Zoox Introduces New Test Suite

Following the presentation of its robotaxi at CES and the first rides with it in California, Zoox has also stepped up the pace again with its test vehicles. These, mostly based on a Toyota Highlander SUV, are still in use. The arrangement of the sensors is exactly the same as on the Robotaxi. A few weeks ago, I spotted a Zoox vehicle in San Francisco with new bodies and color shading, and now Zoox has officially unveiled this vehicle in a video.

One of the new features is so-called LWIR, or Long Wave Infrared cameras, better known as (uncooled) thermal cameras. Zoox is thus the first known autonomous driving technology manufacturer to incorporate thermal cameras into its sensor suite. Also shown is the setup with housing to protect the sensor and server technology from the weather. Here are schematic drawings:

Here is the video:

This article was also published in German.


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