First Tests of Cruise Origin

Chevrolet Bolts are still cruising the streets of San Francisco, Phoenix and Austin as robotaxis from GM’s Cruise subsidiary, but the first Cruise Origins developed specifically as robotaxis are soon to replace them. In a video, the company shows clips of the budding tests in Concord, California, home to GoMentum Station, a former nuclear missile base, one of the largest test sites for autonomous vehicles.

The Origins built at GM’s Factory Zero in Detroit are being put through their paces here. The vehicles are drastically different from previous types of cars, both on the outside and the inside. The Cruise can start in either direction and seat four passengers facing each other as if in a train compartment. There is also enough room in the vehicles that wheelchair users can easily use them.

Cruise plans to build thousands of these vehicles and is also aggressively expanding its robotaxi service throughout the U.S. In San Francisco alone, more than four dozen depots – parking and charging stations for Cruise’s robotaxis – are already scattered throughout the city.

This article was also published in German.

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