GM testing autonomous vehicles in Sunnyvale

GM Lincoln MKZ (C) Jason Matt

General Motors is not only testingautonomous vehicles with their Chevrolet Volt in San Francisco, but also in Sunnyvale. Mulitple Lincoln MKZ were sighted driving a fixed route during summer. They drove southbound on Mary Ave, turned on El Camino Real, then on Bernardo Ave to Evelyn Ave and back on Mary Ave.

The photo that was sent by our attentive reader Jason Matt we can see some equipment mounted on the roof. Two towers with each three Lidar-systems are the most prominent feature. Those lidars are by the  Palo Alto-based startup Velodyne. The systems are so called Puck and cost each up to 8,000 Dollar. Each one of them seems to point in a different direction: forward, backward, and to the side. Additional sensor include two cameras in a white box case, as well as two greenish objects that seem to be high precision GPS(?). Any clarifications what that is and why you need two of them are welcome. At the front of the car is a short-range laser, and at the side mirrors seems to be some flat radar on hanging down.

GM runs in Silicon Valley an Innovation Outpost, the GM Advanced Technology Silicon Valley Office, which is located in Palo Alto and is lead by Frankie James.

GM Lincoln MKZ

Update: according to latest information the vehicle could be operated by


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