Atievas first electric vehicle design leaked

Atieva Atvus

First images of an EV named Atvus by the Menlo Park-based EV-startup Atieva were leaked in a document. In a public record request for tech-blog Recode received documents, that were filed last year with the state of California. Those documents contained grainy pictures of a concept design for Atieva’s upcoming electric vehicle..

The car will be officially presented to the public on December 9th this year. So far Atieva has raised its profile with a number of astonishing demonstrations of its electric powertrain. The powertrain is built into a Mercedes Benz transporter that Atieva named ‘Edna’. Videos show the transporter’s acceleration that beats every internal combustion engine sports car and most of the other EVs.

Atieva raised so far 131 Millionen Dollar in venture capital and is raising more to start production. The Atvis shall hit the stores in 2018. Where the production facilities will be located is not yet known. At the beginning the production target is at 20,000 cars per yea, raising eventually to 130,000.

Atieva was founded in 2007 by Sam Weng, Bernard Tse and Sheaupyng Lin and initially started out with building batteries and drivetrains for electric busses. Atieva is one of the many EV-startups from China.

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