Valley-rumors: Does Apple wait for the Model 3 to acquire Tesla?

Tesla & Apple

It’s an open secret that Apple undertook massive efforts to build a car. According to media reports Apple’s Project Titan employees over 1,000 people. There are also rumors of the location where Apple is building the car.

If you listen to certain Silicon Valley circles it appears that Apple has recently reduced its efforts on the Project Titan. Several employees left Apple and returned to car manufacturers and startups where they had worked previously.

Even that those former Apple employees have signed gag rules it’s apparent that the team around Tim Cook and Jonathan Ive recognized the complexity of developing and manufacturing cars.

The conclusions that can be drawn from talking to former Project-Titan-members is that Apple seems to wait for the success of Tesla’s Model 3, which is scheduled to come to market end of 2017. If this is in line with Apple’s plans then it’s expected that Apple just simply acquires Tesla. Bloomberg recently reported that Elon Musk has led negotiations with Apple and that he wouldn’t reject an offer.

Apple could easily afford to buy Apple with its cash reserves of 200 billion Dollars. Tesla’s market capitalization is currently at 30 billion Dollar.



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