Tesla Model 3 Interior Design Photo Leaked

Techblog Electrek published a new photo of the interior of a Tesla Model 3, which original was anonymously posted on Imgur. What immediately is noticeable is the lack of instruments and air vents, which results in an extremely clean design.

Right from the steering wheel is a horizontally mounted display, which has all digital controls to regulate the car. Although already the Model S and X were known for an absence of buttons, knobs, and switches, Tesla seems to take an even bolder step with the Model 3.

In regards to the air vents the design sticks out with a unique ventilation system that is composed of one single slot. The interior design turns so clean that the cupholders in the mid console almost seem like an insult.

Tesla Model 3 Interieur Design
Tesla Model 3 Interior

The design looks very Apple-ish and calls for Apple to acquire Tesla (rumors have been going around for some time). At the same time the lack for controls seems to foreshadow the intersection of the first Model 3 deliveries with the update of the Autopilot software that enables fully autonomous driving. Why would I need controls for a car that is self-driving? Considering this, even the steering wheel seems already unnecessary.

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