Lucid Motors shows first EV-Model Codename ‘Atvus’

EV-manufacturer Lucid Motors released a first picture of its coming sedan. The car by the Menlo Park-based startup, that just recently renamed itself from Atieva into Lucid Motors, is still heavily camouflaged with foil to hide the contours of the car.

The car with the codename ‘Atvus’ is supposed to be shown at the LA Autoshow. Another date for the presentation of the car was named to be December 9th.

A comparison of the car’s dimensions with two other cars, namely a Mercedes S-class and a BMW 7-series shows that although the Atvus has no engine, it still features a trunk the size of those other limousines. The free space in the ‘frunk’ can be used for storage, as done with Tesla’s Model S.


While Lucid Motors has its headquarters in California, it’s financed by the Chinese media conglomerate LeEco that also invested in Faraday Future. In a recent report LeEco had to admit that it currently is experiencing a cash crunch.

Lucid Motors published a series of videos in the past months demonstrating the performance of its drivetrain. Built into a converted Mercedes Sprinter the car named ‘Edna’ outperforms any ICE car and also Teslas with the less powerful battery packs.


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