Chinese City replaces 8,000 taxis with electric vehicles

Taiyuan, the capital of the northern Chinese province of Shanxi, has completed the exchange of 8,292 gas-powered taxis with electric vehicles. The city of four million started the exchange January this year to follow a national regulation. The air quality already could be improved. In June 2016 CO2-emissions were down by 8,000 tons.

With the replacement of the taxis over 2,000 charging stations with 40 kW were installed. They can fully charge the cars within two hours. Until the end of the year the city plans to install another 3,500 charging stations.

The drivers were incentivized to exchange their gas-powered cars with heavy subsidies against BYE e6. The price for a vehicle of the Chinese manufacturer Build Your Dream (BYD) was at a third of the factory price. Instead of 250,000 Yuan ($36,200) the drivers paid only 90,000 Yuan ($13,354).

Not all drivers were happy with the exchange. Some complained about the low number of charging stations and the long charging times. Riders on the other hand were happy about the change. Not only are the new taxis quieter, they are also more comfortable than the old ones.


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