New Video of Tesla’s Self-Driving Technology released

Tesla released a new video that shows more details of a self-driving Tesla driving with the new autonomous hardware kit.

Starting from the Safeway parking in Los Altos the car turns left onto 1st Street, and from there following all stop signs and traffic lights turns left onto West Edith Street to enter the neighborhood of Los Altos Hills that’s strewn with million dollar villas. The car drives with a single intervention of the driver in a southbound circle finally up north to arrive at the Tesla HQ on Deer Creek Road. There the driver leaves the car and – as already in the first demo video – the car finds its own parking.

Since Elon Musk announced the self-driving hardware kit that includes 8 cameras, it has been installed in all new cars. Their function can be seen in this new video. The rearward looking cameras are built into the characteristically shaped triangles above the front wheels. The triangles up to now served only as turn signals. The side view cameras are on the reinforcement beams between the front and back doors. The cameras recognized objects such as pedestrians, other vehicles, lane markers, signs, and traffic lights.

During the ride it’s notable that the driver doesn’t touch the steering wheel or the pedals a single time. I also wanted to point out the weather conditions that are untypical for this region. It’s very foggy. And this condition was only once this week, and that was Wednesday morning. That allows us to narrow the time when the video was recorded.

A tour through the Tesla-factory in Fremont that I could take past week showed me that all cars on the production line are now being equipped with the hardware kit. I haven’t seen the kit yet in the wild. Since Tesla is manufacturing every day 200 cars and installation started with the announcement on October 20th, somewhere around three to four thousand cars must have been already manufactured that include the kit. It’s only a matter of time to see them on the street, and also only a matter of time until the first software-version of the self-driving technology will be released.

Video 1: Speed Up

Video 2: Real Time


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