First accident of self-driving nuTonomy taxi in Singapore

On October 18th an autonomous taxi from nuTonomy was involved in an accident during the trial period in Singapore, as reported by The Straitstimes. The taxi had two engineers on board when it collided with a lorry while changing lanes. The reason for the collision was a software glitch that misinterpreted the situation. Nobody was injured. On social media pictures from the collision were posted.

nuTonomy, Boston, Massachusetts and Singapore-based Startup that raised 19.6 million Dollars in venture capital, develops self-driving cars and started public trials in September 2016. The startup uses Mitsubishi i-MiEV, which are driving in a special zone in Singapore and can take on passengers. In the first test phase two engineers sit in front row of the car to be able to take control in case of a malfunction.

Also other companies have reported accidents, most of them come from Google, whose cars have driven over 2 million miles so far in autonomous mode.

In Singapore currently four companies have licenses for testing autonomous vehicles, and nuTonomy is one of two companies that can even load passengers during trial. nuTonomy plans to start 2018 a commercial fleet of 75 taxis in Singapore. Before the end of this year nuTonomy will also start a test in Boston with electric Renault Zoes.

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