BMW i3 Production [VIDEO]

Those who always wanted to go backstage and see how cars are built from close up will be happy with this following video. In a forty minutes tour through all stations of a BMW i3 production in Leipzig, Germany, one can witness all steps that bring us the i3.

The degree of automation is impressive and the steps that glue the carbon fiber shell together are very well visible.

What I did not know is that earrings seem to be a thing. I got the impression that every other worker on the assembly line wears them. Can somebody explain that? Did I miss out on something?

But enough of the talk, here is the video:

Already a year ago the online-series Autoline After Hours analyzed the details of the i3-production. Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates specializes on disassembling cars to not only create a bill of materials, but also get an insight in the production quality, technologies used and innovations. The following video may be pretty long, but it’s definitely worthwhile watching. Not least because the i3 is full of innovation. Sandy Munro named the BMW i3 the Ford Model T of our time.

And here as a bonus a shorter video on the i8 production.

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