Uber Freight

Without much fanfare Uber launched a new website with a service called Uber Freight. Instead of matching passengers with a transport service, the platform aims at matching freight and trucks.

The shipping industry is still pretty archaic in its nature with tens of thousands of small shipping companies, whose vehicles roam the roads without connecting platforms, integration, and many system inherent inefficiencies. The business has a low footprint of digitization and still heavily based on paper.

Multiple platforms aim to get rid of those inefficiencies. FR8, Trucknet and now also Uber Freight match shippers with freight. Currently there is not yet much of information on Uber’s new website, except a registration form for carriers and freight companies. But potential services could resemble the picture that consulting company PricewaterhouseCooper paints in a Whitepaper titled The era of digitized trucking.

Uber demonstrated with its acquisition of autonomous truck-startup Ot.to a few weeks ago how the commercial use of self-driving trucks could look like. Over a distance of 190 kilometer a delivery of 50,000 beer cans was fulfilled for Anheuser-Busch.


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