Inu opens Palo Alto Flagship Store for its foldable Elektroscooter

In the same week that the German e-bike manufacturer Freygeist files for chapter 11, an e-Scooter startup launches its flagship store in Palo Alto. Inu, which started out four years ago as Green Ride™,  was founded by automotive engineers with locations in Tel Aviv and the Bay Area. The store on University Avenue in Palo Alto showcases an impressively designed scooter.

The scooter weighs 25 kilogram with a maximal load of 120 kilogram and reches up to 25km/h (15mph). A 500/750kW battery operated motor propels the scooter up to 40km (25 miles) and can be charged in 1.5 hours up to 80 Percent. Of course the scooter connects to an app on your phone.

The scooter costs between 2,999.- and 4,999.- dollar and can be pre-ordered in San Francisco, Tel Aviv and Munich. Expected deliveries are starting in September this year.

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