Mission Impossible: Tata Elxsi and ARAI Plan Tests of Autonomous Cars in India

If you have ever survived traffic in India, you have a story to tell. Riksha-taxis, mopeds with seven-member families, jaywalking pedestrians, cars, buses, and in between flocks of animals. A traffic situation, which makes traffic in every European and American city look like a piece of cake.

Now two Indian entities announced work on autonomous cars that can be tested in India. At first the Automotive Research Association of India revealed the prototype of a self-driving car, and then rumors mention Tata Elxsi having applied for a test license with the city of Bengaluru.

Both don’t plan to build  car from scratch, but use existing ones and equip them with cameras and sensors to develop the technology. So far tests have only be taken place on closed tracks. The chaotic traffic situation in India creates a challenge for every company working on self-driving cars.

India is with close to 240.000 Verkehrstoten per year to the most fatal countries. Over 75 percent of the victims are pedestrians. Self-driving technology promises to make traffic in India safer and more efficient.

Here is a collection of traffic impressions from different places in India.

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