Schwarzenegger and Kreisel present, what Mercedes can’t: an electric Mercedes G-Klasse with 300 km Range

How often have we heard from Mercedes what’s not possible with E-Mobility, and that it’s better to set your bet on plugin hybrids and fuel cells? Well, Kreisel Electric from Austria demonstrates how it can be done.

In a presentation with with body builder, action movie star, and former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, the company presented a refitted, electrified Mercedes G-class that reaches 300 kilometer with one charge. The Mercedes G 350 d was shown at the Hahnenkammabfahrt in KItzbühl, a daredevil downhill ski race, consider by most as the most difficult race track. The battery installed in the Mercedes has a capacity of 80 kWh and can be charged within 25 minutes to 80 percent with the 150 kW charger.

Board member Christian Schlögl had the luck sitting beside Schwarzenegger on a flight to California. The auto fan and supporter of green technologies listened to Schlögl’s pitch on the Kreisel business, and Schwarzenegger agreed to come to the car’s presentation. Kreisel is currently not aiming at a mass production of electrified Mercedes cars.

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