Four Self-Driving Test Vehicles from Close-up

At an event at the Mercedes Benz Research and Development in Sunnyvale titled Machine Intelligence and Self-Driving Vehicles, attendees could inspect four autonomous test vehicles by, Bosch and Mercedes close-up.

First there was a truck by, which you couldn’t miss. The vehicle was equipped with cameras, radars, and lidars, as well as computing power in the inside. While other cars can’t barely hide the sensors, with the truck they are just disappearing due to the size of the vehicle.

Also Bosch brought one of their two cars registered in California. It was a Tesla Model S. Worth noticing is how the sensors were integrated into the car’s body. The sensors were not sticking out like the Waymo-Lexus-SUVs uses to have.

Mercedes brought two cars – or more correctly – had moved them from the nearby garage. An S500 Intelligent Drive with most sensors being integrated into the body of the car. The car is registered in Michigan.

The other Mercedes car was a van, equipped with similar sensors as the S500.

This article is also available in German.

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