Tesla saves Volkswagen

A German Tesla-driver remained cool and reacted without thinking of own losses, when he stopped a Passat driving directionless on the German highway A9 around Munich. The 47-year-old driver of the VW Passat suffered an emergent medical condition and lost control over his car. The vehicle drove uncontrolled on the highway.

The driver of the Tesla Model S behind him noticed that, and after he guessed the situation correctly, drove in front of the VW, and applied the brakes to bring the Passat to a careful stop. The sick driver was brought to a hospital, the damage to both vehicles is estimated to be approximately 10,000 Euro.

More on that (in German):

  1. Autofahrer nahm für Rettung Beschädigung des eigenen Autos in Kauf
  2. Mann stoppt führerloses Auto mit waghalsigem Manöver

Update: The German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung published an interview with the Tesla-driver, as well as a picture of the small damage on the Tesla-rear-bumper. The damage will be paid by the insurance company of the Passat-driver.


This article was also published in German.

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