Pretest-Vehicle-Alarm: Tesla tests new Design

Elon Musk announced them in his Masterplan Part Deux: a Tesla-truck and pickup. An alert reader (thank you Patrick Rammerstorfer) spotted such a pretest vehicle now in the Czech Republic.


How tricky Tesla is moving are revealed by two facts: first the pretest vehicle has written Peugeot and Tesla in big letters written on it, which we can only call ‘distraction strategy.’ Then Tesla tests in the Czech Republic. A hint where the new Gigafactory 2, for which many European countries are not competing, will be built?

And what about the plans for a Tesla radio station? Will this be in the Masterplan Part Trois? The rumor mill is spinning fast…


This article was also published in German.


  1. The sign on the car on the picture isn’t Tesla company which own Elon Musk. That a czech company “TEchnikaSLAboproudá”, which were founded earlier than american Tesla.


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