Navya Becomes 24th Entity to Receive Test License in California

The French maker of autonomous mini buses, Navya Inc., received as the 24th entity a permit to test autonomous vehicles on public roads in California. The Californian DMV maintains a list of all entities with a license.

Navya demonstrated in January at the CES in Las Vegas on a closed street its self-driving shuttles. The buses are electric and come without steering wheel or pedals. It doesn’t even have a driver seat. Also Salzburg and other cities saw Navya buses doing trials.

Navya raised 38 million Dollars in venture capital. In Summer 2017 another French startup named EasyMile is scheduled to start trials at the Office Park Bishop Ranch in Concord in the East Bay of Silicon Valley. EasyMile has yet to receive a test license.

This article is also available in German.


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