1,800 Additional Model 3 Orders Per Day – Tesla-Shares Rally After Q2/2017 Results

Tesla announced the results for Q2 this year after closing of stock exchange. The revenue with 2.79 billion dollars was higher than analysts expectations with 2.5 billion. The losses were 10 Cent higher with 2.04 dollars per share. The company expects a gross marge for the Model 3 of 25 percent in 2018.

Two details made the headlines: since last week’s launch of the Model 3 on average 1,800 additional orders are placed. With that rate this means 50,000 additional orders per month. Also the orders for Model S and X increased since then. There seems to be no cannibalization effect that buyers tend to gravitate towards the Model 3 and skip S and X. Just the total opposite.

All those news led to an after market close stock rally of more than seven percent from 325.89 dollars to 350 dollars.

This article has also been published in German.


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