Cockpit Comparison Tesla Model 3 versus BMW 3 Series

Comparing the interior design – or rather more the cockpits – of Tesla’s Model 3 and the BMW 3 Series gives us some shocking revelations how advanced and clean Tesla’s design looks like. And how much it is a sign for the future


Only one large screen can be seen in the Model 3, but no further instruments behind the steering wheel or buttons anywhere. With this minimalist approach that has self-driving in mind Tesla-cars will be aging gracefully and stay up-do-date. Aging will happen much slower with a Tesla than with let’s say BMW-cars.

This comparison shows how overly complex a traditional combustion engine car for manual driving looks like. It’s overwhelming with complexity. Tesla on the other hand keeps your focus without distraction.


The comparison with BMW’s i3 is slightly better, but still far way from the Model 3.


Technology researcher Alain Veuve made an even more dramatic comparison by digitally removing the Model 3 steering wheel. It becomes clear at once what Tesla has in mind. The Model 3s are designed for autonomous driving. Humans can use their time for other purposes.


BTW: not only the BMW interiors are complex, also the Mercedes C-class overwhelms.


We’ll probably soon stare at such dashboards with the same fascination as we do today when we are looking at steam gauges, valves, and big levers of machines from the industrial revolution in the museum.

This article has also been published in German.


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