Uber Helps Its London Drivers to Switch to Electric Vehicles

England is planning to forbid the sale of Diesel cars by 2040, and Scottland wants to the same for all internal combustion engine cars by 2032. But not only government show the ambition, companies as well are moving ahead.

Engadgetreported about Uber’s plans to incentivize its London drivers to move to electric vehicles by 2025. The exchange of 40,000 vehicles are to be funded by Uber’s Clean Air Fund with a bonus of up to 5,000 Pound (6,600 dollars). At the beginning hybrids also qualify for the exchange program, but until 2025 only EVs are supported.

In addition Uber is offering a Diesel scrap plan. The first 1,000 customers who turn in their Diesel cars receive Uber credits of 1,500 Pound (1,980 dollars). And Uber is also working on it’s own branded super charger network. The launch is planned for the next weeks.

The program costs are according to Uber at 150 million Pound (198 million dollars) and are being financed with a 35 Pence (46 cent) surcharge.

This article has also been publishd in German.

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