Lyft and Collaborate on Robotaxifleet

TechCrunch reports that, which was founded by Stanford-AI-Lab-alumis, is going to use the Open Platform by transportation network provider Lyft to test self-driving cars in a ride sharing program.

The first focus is on safety. The second one is on creating a unique customer experience. As a side effect the program shall help educate a still skeptical public about a driverless future.

For the pilot, which will be successively rolled out to other cities and regions that Lyft operates in,’s existing vehicles will be used. With this pilot there will also be an emphasis on improving customer experience.

One of’s goals is also to develop a retrofit kit for driverless car fleets.

Other autonomous taxi fleets by Waymo, Uber or nuTonomy are already being tested in many cities.

This article has also been published in German.

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