Cities with Self-Driving Taxi Fleets

A self-driving Uber on the streets of San Francisco December 2, 2016 (Geektime/Yaniv Feldman)

Blink once and you miss the self-driving revolution. How else can we explain that 2016 became the year of autonomous cars? It’ no secret that self-driving cars have been roaming Californian streets for years. In fact, currently there are 20 companies with a test license.

But that until 2016 the number of autonomous taxi fleets reaches the number six, and that more companies announced their own self-driving taxi fleets to come is simply breath taking. And that are just the taxi fleets, without even counting autonomous buses or other vehicles.

Here is the current list:

City Company Begin of test drives
Singapore nuTonomy August 2016
Pittsburgh Uber September 2016
Wuzhen Baidu November 2016
Boston nuTonomy December 2016
San Francisco Uber December 2016 – ceased
Gothenburg Volvo January 2017
Tempe Uber February 2017
Mountain View Google/Fiat-Chrysler 2017
Munich BMW 2017


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