Cities with Self-Driving Taxi Fleets

A self-driving Uber on the streets of San Francisco December 2, 2016 (Geektime/Yaniv Feldman)

Blink once and you miss the self-driving revolution. How else can we explain that 2016 became the year of autonomous cars? It’ no secret that self-driving cars have been roaming Californian streets for years. In fact, currently there are 20 companies with a test license.

But that until 2016 the number of autonomous taxi fleets reaches the number six, and that more companies announced their own self-driving taxi fleets to come is simply breath taking. And that are just the taxi fleets, without even counting autonomous buses or other vehicles.

Updated: January 22nd, 2018

City Company Begin of test drives
Singapore nuTonomy August 2016
Pittsburgh Uber September 2016
Wuzhen Baidu November 2016
Boston nuTonomy December 2016
San Francisco Uber December 2016 – ceased
Gothenburg Volvo January 2017
Tempe Uber February 2017
Mountain View Waymo 2017
Chandler Waymo 2017
Chandler GM Cruise 2017
San Jose (California) Voyage 2017
The Villages (Florida) Voyage March 2018
San Francisco Waymo 2018
Boston Optimus Ride 2018

This article has also been published in German.


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