Becomes 43rd Entity with Autonomous Driving License for California

The Silicon Valley and Shenzhen, China, based startup became the 43rd entity to receive a license for testing autonomous vehicles on public roads in California. The company becomes one in a long line of organizations such as Waymo, Voyage, BMW, Volkswagen, or Uber who received such a license from the California DMV. describes itself as

“…a Silicon Valley and Shenzhen based startup founded by robotics and machine learning veterans out of Google, Tesla, Nvidia, Apple, and Baidu. We are empowering cars and trucks with artificial intelligence, so as to make transportation safer, more enjoyable, more efficient, and available to everyone.”

The startup was founded in April 2017 and received in June 2017 a seed investment of 10 million dollars. The founders are Guang Zhou and Liang Heng (CTO).

This article has also been published in German.


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