Delivery Robot Spotted In San Francisco

A new deliver robot services was spotted in San Francisco. It was not clear which company is testing this platform. The platform has a small rack plus a Lidar system mounted on top carrying a thermo bag. The logo was covered by one of the rack pilars. Here are some photos:

In San Francisco another startup named Marble in collaboration with Yelp Eat24 is testing delivery robots. Marble had in April 20 employees and a funding of four million dollars.

City administrators from San Francisco were looking at those developments with some concerns. They fear that robots are not just occupying space on sidewalks, but also pose a hazard for pedestrians. That’s why Segways or bicycles are not allowed on public sidewalks.

Doordash has been testing delivery robots from  Starship Technologies in Redwood City for several months now. This startups has raised 17 million dollars so far in venture capital.

Palo Alto currently is deciding whether to allow such robots on sidewalks. Robby Technologies in Palo Alto is one of the startups working on a personal delivery robot.

And then there is another startup named Dispatch. This one was funded by Andreessen Horowitz with two million dollars.

This article has also been published in German.


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