Postmates Delivery Robot Spotted

A reader sent us pictures of a Postmates delivery robot. The robot resembles a toy truck and was spotted at the intersection of 8th Street and Harrison in San Francisco.

I encountered a similar toy truck some months ago in Mountain View, but back then I didn’t know whether this is a just a satirical take on the self-driving cars in the Bay Area or maybe more. But a collage of the evolution of Postmates delivery robots paints an interesting picture:

I also encountered one of the spartan looking delivery robots in San Francisco, while crossing Mission Street and 3rd Street.

Those robots are used for food deliveries. Postmates is not the only company in that space. Kiwibot has been testing in Berkeley and struggled with one Bot bursting into flames, and just got an investment of 940 million dollars.

While delivery robots in the San Francisco Bay Area are a common sight, in other regions they are struggling with the weather.

Delivery Robots in Milton Keynes, 45 miles from London

This article was also published in German.


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