Super Sports Cars Or How Badass Is Tesla’s Roadster? Freaking Badass!

After I compared the Tesla Roadster with the Porsche Mission E, and the latter is put to dust by the former, Alain Veuve told me to rather make the comparison to super sportscar makers such as Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Well, here is the list, sorted by acceleration. And boy, the Ferraris and Lamborghinis of this world experience their very own (quote Alain Veuve) “Model S“-moment.

0-60 mph [seconds] Top Speed [km/h] Horsepower Price
Tesla Roadster* 1.9 >400 >€200,000
Bugatti Veyron Super Sport* 2.4 400 1.200 €1,600,000
Koenigsegg Agera R 2.5 436 1.140 €1,233,000
SSC Ultimate Aero* 2.5 409 1.287 €550,000
Rimac Concept One 2.6 355 1.073 €831,000
Hennessey Venom 2.8 432 1.244 €1,017,700
Pagani Huayra 2.8 368 730 €900,000
(Basis Porsche 911)
2.9 411 1.120 n.a.
Zenvo ST1 3.0 373 1.104 €660,000
McLaren F1 3.2 386 670 n.a.
Aston Martin One-77* 3.5 352 750 n.a.
Porsche Mission E* 3.5 >250 600 €90,000
Koenigsegg CCR 3.7 388 903 n.a.

Also not that the list includes two other electric vehicles, the Rimac Concept One and the Porsche Mission E.

*) Production Car

This article has also been published in German.


  1. Mario obviously is completely ignorant of the Porsche Mission e and unqualified to make any claims WRT the Tesla sports sedan. The Mission e tentatively comes in at least 3 power levels and Mario has quoted an obsolete figure back when only one power level had been announced. It’s easy for the Porsche to match the Tesla, which is several times the price : that provides enormous spending latitude for more batteries and, if necessary,more powerful electric motors. Anyone can buy batteries that match Tesla’s Panasonics and electric motors are off the shelf components available to any automaker. Mario also failed to note that the Porsche has been tuned for the road at the Nurburgring and is at least a year ahead of the Tesla vehicle. The Porsche can also recharge its batteries twice as fast as Tesla, which is limited to 145kW input, as opposed to Porche’s 350KW. Mario simply doesn’t understand how easy it would be for any automaker to match Tesla’s
    sports sedan, if they had a crazy desire to build $250,000 vehicles strictly to express their virility.


    1. Right! I just took the information from the very own Porsche Mission E website. Looking forward seeing the car, as it is still not available.
      Oh, and I will ask the Porsche guys how far the car is, as I am next week in Ludwigsburg with them.


  2. Arthur4563 is explaining very well why OEMs are actually not interested in pushing EVs and just (barely and resisting as much as possible) doing what is needed to develop them: “anyone” can make EVs, manufacturing capacity can be developed or acquired from OEMs not able to make the transition. Give it 10 more years…


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