Drone Flyover Shows Hundreds of Tesla Model 3 at Fremont Factory

The last day have seen increased sightings of Tesla’s Model 3. I myself saw them at the Tesla store in Palo Alto, on public parking lots in Los Altos, and on car transporters on the highway. At the same time reports are coming in from suppliers who stated that they have ramped up their component production for 5,000 Model 3 per week. That seems to indicate that Tesla finally has solved the early production problems and is ramping up production to full capacity.

A drone video by Reddit-user darksoldier360 showing the parking lot at the Tesla factory in Fremont seems to confirm that. One area of the parking lot is reserved for Model 3 only, another one seems to host Model S, X, and 3.

First estimates point to approx. 500 Model 3 waiting for delivery. Here is the video:

This article has also been published in German.

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