Voyage Car Spotted On Highway

Today, for the first time, I spotted an autonomous vehicle from the startup Voyage. The unusual (at least for me) was that the car was on Highway 101 southbound. The startup is actually developing an autonomous taxi service and is testing their vehicles in so called ‘gated communities’, which are often private property such as the The Villages Golf and Country Club, to offer a mobility service for a community of elderly people.

A drive on the highway is significantly simpler than in the city, where pedestrians, bicyclists, and a bunch of other traffic participants and obstacles have to be paid attention to.

Voyage was founded by Oliver Cameron, who was responsible for Udacity’s Self-Driving Engineering Nanodegree. The course developers set their goal to bring the code that they developed for the students on the road. When they tested a self-driving car on the El Camino Real last autumn, they were so mesmerized about their success that Oliver Cameron decided to spin off a company. This company is Voyage.

Here a few pictures from Voyage’s autonomous vehicle.

This article has also been published in German.

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