Is The Future Of Cars Cabins?

What if we didn’t own cars anymore, but cabins instead? This was the question that the New Work-based architect studio Oiio investigated. Today’s cars are – simply speaking – composed of an engine, a passenger cabin, and a trunk. Without the other, each of the three pieces would be useless.

But if you design a car in a way that the passenger cabin can be removed from the other parts, then the most maintenance intensive part – the engine – can be rented and used for other clients while your own cabin is parked outside the office or home.

The cabin – designed by Oiio and named Oto-Pod – could be attached to different drive units and be moved vertically or horizontally.


The electric drive unit would be controlled by an AI-system and drives autonomously. The video can be found here:

This article has also been published in German.

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