Porsche Mission E Comes In 3 Performance Levels

2019 is the year when Porsche’s first electric vehicle is expected to hit the markets. So far except glossy pictures from automotive fairs and sightings of test drives we have not heard that many details about the Mission E. But a recent test drive from Automobile Mag reveals some new details.

Initially, all Mission E’s will be equipped with all wheel drive. Later an entry level model will offer back wheel drive. The Mission E is expected to come in three performance levels: 300 kW (402), 400 kW (536 hp), and 500 kW (670 hp). The car itself comes equipped with a lap timer. Why? Because they can.

The real life range shall be – according to Porsche – at 500 kilometers. Porsche is aiming at developing battery technology that keeps the range reasonably high even with the high speeds allowed on German Autobahns. The base price of the Mission E will start at around 68,000 Euros (75,000 dollars).

Until 2019 there is still some time left and we will certainly see some upgrades from Porsche’s main rival Tesla. The announcement of a new Tesla Roadster has caught Porsche on the wrong foot. A comparison of the performance data demonstrates how much effort Porsche has to put into its technology, to become competitive again.

This article has also been published in German.

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