GM Cruise Unveils Autonomous Car Without Steering Wheel [VIDEO]

Waymo has shown it with their Koala car. Now it’s GM Cruise. A car without a steering wheel and no pedals. But with cup holders. That vehicle is going to be unveiled tomorrow Friday at the CES to the public and a first picture and video was released by GM prior to tomorrow’s event.

This is the next step in giving the public a glimpse what the experience of the future in self-driving cars will be. This is the fourth generation of vehicles that GM Cruise has been using, at a much higher pace than GM as a traditional car maker is used to. Since GM acquired Cruise Automation from founder and now Cruise CEO Kyle Vogt for half a billion in 2016, the past 18 months have seen the now fourth iteration of cars.

The new vehicle based on the all electric Chevrolet Bolr has a lot of technical redundancies for safety reasons. The cars can be hailed by app, music and air condition can be controlled by passengers through their smartphones.

Credit: GM

GM has been test driving their vehicles in San Francisco and Chandler, Arizona. This new type of vehicle the company estimates to be usable immediately in at least seven U.S. states, without any legal problems (Arizona being one of them). GM is also working with the NHTSA to adapt regulations allowing to drive such cars on public roads.

This new generation of cars is expected to hit the roads of geo-fenced areas in 2019.

Some more photos:

This article has also been published in German.


  1. The unveiled car looks like an intern’s first 1 hour starter project “hey could you copy the left side of a car over the right side?”


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