Waymo Cars Driving Now With Passengers And Without Driver

Now they are definitely going too far! Waymo has invited the participant of their Early Rider program to use the now really driver-less cars and be helplessly exposed to the will and wishes of the internet search behemoth’s machines.

Residents of Chandler, a suburb of Phoenix in Arizona, could register for this Early Rider program last year. Apparently, nobody ever warned them about the risks that they are facing. But Americans have no one with the expertise and knowledge to warn them. That again demonstrates how far ahead intellectually and culturally Europeans are in comparison to the naïve people of this country.

Those daredevil fools, trusting a computer to drive them in a two ton robot, can’t believe themselves how nutty the stuff is that they are about to do. Giggling, chuckling, like small children, those adults board the backseats of the Fiat Chrysler Pacifica Minivans, as if they were toddlers riding in a school bus for the first time.

Honestly: we in Europe are way more hardened and behaving like the adults that we are. We know the dangers that are facing us with all new things. What if the car misses a stop sign? Or what if the car encounters a bicyclist? We don’t want to imagine that. Or what if a grandma on the left and a baby from the right and tree in the middle suddenly all jump on the road? How does the car decide whom to kill? Exactly! Humans make much better intuitive decisions in fractions of a second than all those fancy sensors and extensively tested algorithms. Everyone knows that!

A video published by this giant data vacuum named Google clearly demonstrates the dangers. The passengers are exhausting themselves so much with unjustified excitement, that they tire and fall asleep. Are they nuts? Is there no safety device that every 30 seconds shakes, electroshocks, or slaps them awake? Can Google never get enough? Not only do they want our data, now they also want us to drive safely around?

Anyways, that video is total fake. I ask you: what autonomous car can drive without constant internet connection through a 5G line and without millions of sensors built into the roads? We couldn’t find any independent source about such WIFI and sensor infrastructure in Chandler. Don’t forget that such systems are asking for being hacked. How is Google supposed to make the cars hacker-proof? Do they really think that the experience of million of hacker attacks that they are facing today on a daily base on their servers is enough to fend off attacks on their cars? Puuuleeeeeaaazzzze! Mercedes, VW and BMW will show them who’s the king. It will turn into Sodom and Gomorrah, if they are not stopping this utter nonsense now. This thing of ‘autonomous vehicle’ obviously can not work. We know that, our experts tell us so, and they never err.

Don’t watch that video! It’s total fake!

This article has also been published in German.


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