First Images from Model 3 Production Line

Elon Musk gave CBS This Morning a first tour through the production line of the Model 3 a the Tesla factory in Fremont. He walked with the show’s host Gayle King through the assembly hall and talks about the challenges in the production, but also his concern about AI and that it should be regulated.

So far the Model 3 production was off-limit for visitors. I myself have been multiple times visiting the Model 2 and X production line in Fremont, as well as the assembly factory in Tilburg. It will be interesting to compare the differences in the production lines.

The media so far as been reporting about the challenges in the Model 3 production, but they ignore that the production rampup in comparison with other car manufacturers has been pretty successful. The speed with which Tesla has managed to build a new production line, with a new team and ramping up in that short time to such a number of cars produced is considered a sensation within the industry.

The show itself will be broadcast today morning US time. More details here.

This article has also been published in German.

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