Tesla Model 3 California Registrations Beat BMW 3-Series And Mercedes C

The first Model 3 registration numbers for first quarter 2018 are available, and they show a reoccurring pattern. One that was already demonstrated with the Model S. The Model 3 is leading the registrations and accomplished that faster than the Model S, although Tesla has been struggling with production and slowly ramping up.

According to the numbers published by California New Car Dealers Association (CNCDA), Tesla leads the statistics with 3,723 registration ahead of Mercedes C-Class with 3,323 and the BMW 3-series with 3,260.

Model Registrations Share [%]
Tesla Model 3 3,723 14.3%
Mercedes C-Class 3,323 12.7%
BMW 3 3,260 12.5%
Lexus ES 2,024 7.8%
Infiniti Q50 1,944 7.4%

So far Tesla has delivered its Model 3 only to US and Canadian customers. With the target weekly production rate of 5,000 in June – and rumors have it that the numbers are already at a weekly 4,000 vehicles – it can be expected that Tesla will have registered in California in 2018 more cars in this segment than all other manufacturers together.

This article has also been published in German.


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