Toyota’s Self-driving Car Spotted

One of the 56 companies with a license to test autonomous vehicle in California, is the world’s most valuable automaker, Toyota. In front of the Toyota Research Institute in Los Altos, I regularly see their vehicles. Today was the opportunity to snap some pictures.


What this vehicles seems to have installed one the car’s roof are two Velodyne Puck lidars, one large Velodyne lidar on top, GPS tracker, and an array of cameras. What I can recognize are 6 boxed cameras, with one pointing to the back, two pointing in a 45 degree angle on the car’s side to the back, two cameras pointing 45 degrees to the front, and one fully to the front. There seem to be three more sensors on each side of the car. They are round-shaped. Anyone an idea what sensor that is? Cameras?


Also at the front bumper is a contraption in the shape of a pool noodle, but seems to contain a sensors. Is this a radar?


This article has also been published in German.


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