Unidentified Self-Driving Car Spotted in Palo Alto

An unidentified autonomous vehicles has been spotted an the intersection El Camino Real and Page Mill Road in Palo Alto. It seems to be a Ford Fusion with similar equipment as normally seen from AutonomoStuff.

UAV_Palo Alto_01.jpg

Noteworthy is the different type of roof mounting. A Velodyne Puck lidar can be seen, plus a roof-shaped mount with openings, which probably house the cameras. A GPS tracker is at the back end of the roof mount.

UAV_Palo Alto_02.jpg

Hints for the name of the company testing with that vehicle are highly appreciated.

UPDATE: It may be Lyft! The car was spotting at the Lyft offices.

UPDATE II: I spotted the vehicle a few days later again on San Antonio Expressway.

This article has also been published in German.

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