It’s Nio! Unidentified Lincoln Spotted in San Jose

An unmarked Lincoln MKZ, which has become a standard platform for many self-driving car startups, was spotted in San Jose. The vehicle was on Zanker Road in North-San Jose driving north.

On the roof a Lidar was mounted in the middle, as well as two Lidar pucks left and right at the front slightly tilted, and one lidar puck pointing backwards. Also recognizable are two forward and two sideways pointing mini cameras. Radar on the the bumpers as what seems some more mini cameras at the front bumper complete the sensor equipment of the vehicle.

The cars seems to have been equipped by AutonomouStuff Any hints what company this car is from are highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: I saw today another Lincoln MKZ with the same sensor configuration on the Nio parking lot

This article has also been published in German.

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