Impressions of Waymo Vehicles in Chandler and Mountain View

Reddit-user REIGuy3 posted some pictures and videos on Reddit from his recent trip to Chandler, a suburb of Phoenix, in Arizona. He managed to find the Waymo location and take some pictures from the facility. What we can see are multiple vehicles without the lidar dome, and even those with a lidar dome feature the color white. Normally they are black.

REIGuy3 also posted some videos and observations. While he did not see a single Waymo vehicle going without a driver – the cars all had one safety driver in the seat and most often another person in the passenger seat – the vehicles seem to operate autonomous. As an example he posted this video, where within a certain period multiple Waymo vehicles passed by and slowed down at the same moment. They were passing a parked semi truck and apparently tried to get a better field of view.

Here is this video:


Also in Mountain View in California, Waymo vehicles are busy raking up miles. While you see them crossing intersections, stopping in front of pedestrians, there are also some interesting details to notice, if you watch closely.

This Waymo vehicle here is seen hesitating making a right turn, as there are two women standing at the crosswalk chatting. The car is uncertain whether they will cross (it’s green for them) or not. The vehicle’s cameras are interpreting the direction of pedestrian faces to understand intent.

Here are more drive-bys of Waymo vehicles in Mountain View:

This article has also been published in German.


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