Tesla’s Delivery Sprint in Q3 [Video]

A lot could be read about Tesla’s production problems, those now seem to be overshadowed by deliver problems. According to media. Fact seems to be that Tesla is reaching a record quarter, with record production, and record deliveries, surpassing past quarters. And that comes with its own sorts of headaches, thanks to a lacking logistics infrastructure in California. Too few train cars, too few auto transporters, and too few drivers create problems for Tesla, in fact so many, that Elon Musk is now musing about building their own auto transporters for Model 3 deliveries.
Also some users posted more images from dealerships full of Model 3.
Around the Tesla factory it’s impossible not to encounter one of the many auto transporters leaving the factory fully loaded with Model 3s. To get some first hand overview, I drove by the Tesla factory in Fremont at around 1:40pm and took that video. The last third of the video was recorded at the Tesla service location on Kato Road, where a lot of Model 3s are waiting with open trunks. On the road a number of loaded and empty auto transporters are parked.
This article has also been published in German.


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