Aurora Spotted Again

The Lincoln MKZ from Aurora was spotted again, this time at the intersection Castro Street / Villa Street in Mountain View. The vehicle was spotted once in Los Altos on San Antonio Road and in San Francisco. The vehicles seems to have driven a specific route, as I saw it driving the same route multiple times.

The vehicle seems to have been equipped by AutonomouStuff. It has two LiDARs on the roof in the middle, as well as one LiDAR behind each front wheel.

In the video the following moments are specifically noteworthy:

  • 0:54 Vehicle encounters a Waymo
  • 2:44 Another encounter with a Waymo; the Waymo executes a protected left turn
  • 3:39 A protected left turn with focus on the hands of the safety driver; as can be seen the vehicle is not in autonomous mode, the driver steers the wheel

This article was also published in German.


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