Of Robodogs And Delivery Vehicles

Deliveries are raising thanks to booming online orders. A series of startups and established vendors are working on developing autonomous delivery services. At the CES 2019 several of them presented their prototypes and experimental vehicles. Here is a visual walk through the conference.

Ford & Postmates

Ford is partnering with Postmates to test autonomous deliveries.


Automotive supplier Continental uses the autonomous shuttle developed by the Toulouse-based startup EasyMile to transport a very special freight. Not humans, ,but dogs. To be more precise: robodogs!

And those robodogs from Switzerland can bring packages not only to the curb, but walk stairs, use the door bell and thus deliver packages directly to your door. And they also can dance. Here is a video:

Apollo Neolix

Neolix is a small format delivery vehicle using Baidu’s Apollo platform for autonomous driving.


Udelv is testing in Burlingame and San Mateo in California its delivery service.


Palo Alto-based ThorDrive announced a partnership with Acer Hardware and is currently delivering goods with their delivery van.

This article was also published in German.


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