First Spy Videos of Kodiak Robotics Semi In The Wild

Sometimes it’s kind of depressing, like for instance the last time when I tried to get some good pictures of Apple’s autonomous cars and you have no luck. And another time luck just hits you. Like today, when I decided to make a small detour from the highway to pay a visit to the self-driving truck startup Kodiak Robotics. And the I came in the right moment, when one of their semis just left the driveway. It came so surprising that I didn’t even have time to whip out my camera. But I turned around and followed the car, always with a trailing car between me and the truck.

Kodiak Robotics was founded in 2018 by the former and ex-Waymo-engineer Don Burnette and the former venture capitalist Paz Eshel, raising from the beginning 40 million dollars. The company employs already over two dozen people with their headquarter in Mountain View.

I had published first pictures of their semi some time ago, but the truck was still without the company’s logo and without visible sensors. Here now a first video:

This article was also published in German.

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