Electric Fleet Saves NYC lot of Money

Many have heard of cost savings that electric vehicles are supposed to bring. In comparison to gas or Diesel cars they have much less fuel costs. And less maintenance thanks to no oil, oil filter or spark plug replacements. But many doubted those claims.

The City of New York is somehow further in their experience. The city can already produce numbers of what their fleet will save them. And the put the data online, so that we can look at the picture.

Beside no costs anymore for oil, filter and spark plugs, there are also fewerr costs for brakes as the recuperation makes them less utilized with electric vehicles. Also there is the significant cost of stolen catalytic converters that are often stolen and have to be replaced. Not son on electric vehicles, as they have none, And for trucks there is to Diesel particulate filter exchange needed.

ModelTypeNumberMaintenance Costs 2018
BoltBEV93 $                      204.86
FocusBenzin11 $                   1,805.24
Focus ElectricBEV7 $                      386.31
FusionBenzin62 $                   1,621.34
Fusion EnergiHybrid154 $                      496.34
Fusion HybridHybrid205 $                   1,310.89
LeafBEV149 $                      344.14
PriusHybrid1131 $                      893.31
TaurusBenzin38 $                      922.67
VoltHybrid43 $                   1,210.40

The costs are calculated for passenger cars, and those for the Nissan Leaf are calculated over a period of 9 years. A car in the fleet is in used for 10 year, before it is being replaced.

Maintenance Costs 2018

A direct comparison between the Leaf, Prius and Fusion shows the costs for each item.

Nissan Leaf
Toyota Prius
Ford Fusion
Purchase price$25,797 $22,984 $22,866
Fuel costs / Year$141 $326 $765
Maintenance / Year$317 $859 $1,287
EV charger$2,656 $0 $0
Ownership cost / Year$3,620 $3,738 $4,592
Total cost (9 years)$32,580 $33,644 $41,328

Even though electric vehicles are still more expensive in the purchasing price, New York City expects that the Leaf is going to save 8,748 dollars over a period of nine years when compared to the Ford Fusion. That’s a cost saving of 21 percent of the expected 41,328 dollars of the Ford Fusion.

This article was also published in German.


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