Model 3 Single-Handedly Doubles Registration Statistics for Electric Vehicles in Norway this March

For months we have followed the sales numbers in the U.S. to see the impact of the Model 3 on other manufacturers. And the numbers already gave a glimpse of what may happen in Europe as soon as the Model 3 launches there.

With March 2019 ending we now have the first numbers for a country, where electric vehicles rule supreme. Norway, where more than half of all sold new vehicles are electric, has daily registration updates. And those show with what force the Model 3 shatters the traditional order.

Between 12,000 and 15,000 new vehicles are registered every month on average in Norway. Electric vehicle registrations varied between 3,000 and almost 6,500 per month. The top sold car in Norway so far is the Nissan Leaf, with a total off 13,249 overall.

Top 25 Electric Vehicles Sales Numbers in Norway in March 2019

But in March the Model 3 set a strong claim of the top position. 5,302 Model 3 were registered in March 2019, which totals with the February numbers – where the delivery started in the second half – to 6,110 vehicles. The Model 3 found more buyers than the next 10 electric vehicles taken together. Of all electric vehicles sold in March, the Model 3 has a 46 percent share, doubling at the same time the electric vehicle registrations.

RankMake and ModelMarch 2019Year-to-DateTotal OverallTally
1Tesla Model 3530261106112
2Volkswagen Golf957264334808957
3BMW I38191904219511776
4Nissan Leaf8182450528552594
5Audi E-tron6697877943263
6Jaguar I-pace44291420043705
7Hyundai Kona360111419634065
8Hyundai Ioniq356108470434421
9Tesla Motors Model X343638118244764
10Renault Zoe330707103045094
11Nissan Nissan E-nv20026851540435362
12Kia Niro1903533875552
13Tesla Motors Model S170278196885722
14Kia Soul133545163805855
15Opel Ampera-e6818023125923
16Volkswagen Up!5623589085979
17Fiat 500 Electric4415610666023
18Mitsubishi I-miev375338816060
19Renault Kangoo34607966094
20Peugeot Partner189416826112
21Hyundai Kauai1213136124
22Volkswagen Crafter1125416135
23Citroen Berlingo Electric10506806145
24Peugeot Ion82828386153
25Citroen C-zero83225306161
plus 200 more

With the overall registration numbers – including combustion engine vehicles – the Model 3 share will probably be between 25 and 30 percent.

Registration number for other European countries are expected in the next days. The German numbers for the Model 3 will probably be in the same absolute range as for Norway .

Bloomberg expects a new production record for the Model for the first quarter of 2019. Not as most analysts expect an average of 64,400 vehicles, but 80,00 are indicated by Bloomberg’s tracking tool. But it could be that those increased production numbers could yet not have an effect on delivery numbers, as there are 10,000 vehicles in transit and the cars only then count as sold, when they are delivered to customers. A strike of dock workers in Belgium and delays in China due to false labeling add to the delivery delays

This article has also been published in German.


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