Robotrucks Are Starting Through

We talk a lot about autonomous passenger cars, but we can see more and more self-driving semi trucks taking on speed. Several startups are developing robotrucks, and also the media noticed. CNBC broadcast a 13-minutes-long segment about multiple of those startups, and interviewed founders and truckers.

And there are quite some interesting details included. The founder and CEO of San Francisco-based Embark, Alexander Rodriguez, for instance is 23-years-young. Also the simplification of logistics and safety that self-driving trucks will bring to logistics are interesting.

TuSimple, a San Diego-based startup already raised 178 million dollars, which makes it a unicorn with a 1.1 billion dollar evaluation, according to Forbes.

Also the one-year-old startup Kodiak Robotics, of which we could show here the first drives of their semi, introduces itself in their first little video.

Sttill there are many problems to be solved, including legal. For example, the California license for autonomous vehicle tests still does not include autonomous vehicles with more than 10 tons of weight,

This article was also published in German.

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